The Right Tool for the Job

CA300Gas_DF_CampusPackage_MdCosts of maintaining buildings and grounds are ever increasing as we all know. It is now more critical than ever that you equip our teams with the right tools for the job. When it comes to Utility Vehicles, we often find that that our customers are either under equipping their teams with used golf carts that offer minimal storage for tools or parts needed. We also see where many have over bought with expensive 4×4 units that are too fast for a contained space and can be too aggressive when driven on turf leaving tire patterns in the grass.

If this sounds familiar, companies like B2BUV can help. We offer a full line of products to move people and things from A to B. We can help you build a Transportation Strategy that meets with the long range plan at your business. We consider your cost of acquisition, maintenance and study the core tasks you need to accomplish on a daily weekly and monthly basis to make sure you have “The Right Tools for the Job”. We also offer on-site service so that your Utility Vehicles are back to work as quickly as possible.

We specialize in helping businesses who have campus like areas to maintain. Most people think of schools when they hear campus, but the same can be said for an Airport or Zoo and all in between. On campuses there is constant need to move people or things, we help you do that as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Most of us have heard of Six Sigma, Lean Methodology or Productivity arguments. They all boil down to looking for the most efficient ways to do things that your internal/external customers value.

Let us share our expertise with you with regard to moving things and people around your campus. While our hope is to build a business relationship with you, we provide our evaluation free of charge.