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21 Car Carryall 300 Utility Vehicle Fleet

We recently teamed up with one of our industrial clients, SNF Holdings in Riceboro, GA, and delivered a full fleet of 21 Club Car Carryall 300’s. The Carryall 300 is wonderful economic and dependable utility vehicle with its rustproof aluminum frame and up to 800 pound total capacity. You can see some photos of their new fleet below.

Club Car All-Wheel Drive Vehicle For Transportation

Why should you consider a Club Car All-Wheel Drive vehicle in my transportation strategy? Here are the reasons some of our customers have chosen either the Carryall 1500 or Carryall 1700:

Their terrain is rough and often muddy, so 4×4 was a must in this application. They currently have a mix of Carryall 1500 and 1700 so they can either seat 2 or 4 passengers; they also liked the Kubota diesel engine option as there was some part commonality with the tractors they use on site. It didn’t hurt that B2BUV was able to partner with Club Car and deliver product from receipt of PO to the customers doorstep in two weeks to meet a fiscal year end timeline. Their first order was for three cars and they quickly added three more in the next fiscal cycle.

Our friends in Charleston were expanding with a new high-rise hotel neighboring their current property. They bought an assortment from guest transportation to food service vehicles on our 2-wheel drive platforms. They also bought an AWD Carryall 1500 to use for beach grooming and general maintenance on the property. They added a wrap as a great way to extend their branding message on site.

We are not making this up, “Baywatch” was filming a movie at Tybee Island beach in GA and they were using a Club Car AWD vehicle to support the production team. The Lifeguard team, who works for Tybee Island Fire Rescue saw the car, loved how it handled in the sand and knew the all-aluminum construction would handle the corrosive salt water better than any of their current equipment that typically lasted about three years. The B2BUV team brought them a Carryall 1500 to try out and they loved it. An important part of the story is that Tybee Island is a Sea Turtle habitat and they till the beach sand three feet deep every year to make it easier to lay their eggs. This makes for very soft sand conditions so the vehicle capability is very important. We also added an under-coating spray to all steel parts to give them extra protection at the beach. See the video on our B2BUV Facebook Page!

Thank you to the City of Tybee Island for another Carryall AWD Diesel order after your great experience with the 1500! Tybee Island is a Sea Turtle habitat so the beach is tilled 3′ deep every year to make the sand extra loose. No problem for the 1700 with aluminum frame to avoid corrosion!
Posted by B2BUV on Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jacobs bought a fleet of 4 Carryall 1500’s with cab for use year round for a water meter project they have in Nashville, TN. They use the vehicles to read meters moving from house to house to gather data. They chose the 1500 for its ability to handle well in the snow and its speed at 25 mph. The cars are equipped with heat, seatbelts and additional lighting for safety/visibility.

These cars are used for grounds maintenance and were preferred due to their speed of 25mph at a downtown campus and ease of operation. MUSC chose an option to deactivate the 4-wheel drive feature on the car since most of their use is on paved surfaces. We also did some customization to the cars by adding a FOPS (Falling Object Protection) top to the car and street tires so that it could easily fit in their parking garage where the vehicles are stored overnight. Their first unit worked out so well that a second unit is now on order!

Campus Police are riding in style in their AWD Carryall 1500 gas vehicles. They like the speed at 25mph and the ability to easily go over curbs if emergency response is needed. These cars are equipped with safety strobe lights to see and be seen!

There are a variety of uses for the Club Car AWD family of products. The speed setting of 25mph is excellent for a commercial application. The construction of the vehicle using an aluminum frame, side walls and cargo bed gives strength and protection against corrosion. The AWD functions automatically and if the condition requires it, all four wheels get power; our competition maxes out at three wheels powered. Couple that with four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes and an ability to customize the vehicles to your needs, it’s a great compliment to any commercial fleet.

Please ask us for a demo today!

The Right Tool for the Job

CA300Gas_DF_CampusPackage_MdCosts of maintaining buildings and grounds are ever increasing as we all know. It is now more critical than ever that you equip our teams with the right tools for the job. When it comes to Utility Vehicles, we often find that that our customers are either under equipping their teams with used golf carts that offer minimal storage for tools or parts needed. We also see where many have over bought with expensive 4×4 units that are too fast for a contained space and can be too aggressive when driven on turf leaving tire patterns in the grass.

If this sounds familiar, companies like B2BUV can help. We offer a full line of products to move people and things from A to B. We can help you build a Transportation Strategy that meets with the long range plan at your business. We consider your cost of acquisition, maintenance and study the core tasks you need to accomplish on a daily weekly and monthly basis to make sure you have “The Right Tools for the Job”. We also offer on-site service so that your Utility Vehicles are back to work as quickly as possible.

We specialize in helping businesses who have campus like areas to maintain. Most people think of schools when they hear campus, but the same can be said for an Airport or Zoo and all in between. On campuses there is constant need to move people or things, we help you do that as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Most of us have heard of Six Sigma, Lean Methodology or Productivity arguments. They all boil down to looking for the most efficient ways to do things that your internal/external customers value.

Let us share our expertise with you with regard to moving things and people around your campus. While our hope is to build a business relationship with you, we provide our evaluation free of charge.