B2BUV stands for Business to Business Utility Vehicles. Our team brings 80 years of experience promoting Club Car Utility & Transportation products, largely working for Club Car LLC. Our focus is in what we call the “Commercial” market. This is defined as the markets where Utility & Transportation vehicles play a key role, other than the golf course or at your residence. Some have called it the A to Z list, Airports to Zoos all of which have campus based environments where buildings and grounds have to be maintained and people need to be moved. The Commercial market has long been served by dealers who have primary markets in Ag/Farming, Golf or Retail who have also sold to Commercial customers. This is where B2BUV is different. This IS what we do, and we bring more knowledge, experience and have partnered with the leader in Commercial market sales, in Club Car. B2BUV offers a full range of Utility & Transportation units powered by Electric, Gasoline or Diesel. Additionally, we provide a full range of service on site so that your vehicles are back into service as quickly as possible.


David Isom
Charleston City Marina

“After many years of fighting a broken system in our area with regards to golf car dealers and services, I believe we may have a new company in Charleston to fill that void. I met with Rick Linder who is the regional sales rep for a new dealer of Club Car called B2BUV Utility Vehicles.”

Our Vision

We know small vehicles, how our customers use them, how to fix them and we keep up with on-going legislation governing their use. We offer a no nonsense approach, respond quickly and professionally. We invest in items our customers value, number one being our people. Real people answer our phones and e-mails. B2BUV is committed to serving the business customer first; we will leave golf, farming and retail to the other guys. Our vision is to be around for a long time, continue to create jobs for talented people willing to work hard, and who understand that we make daily decisions in the long term best interest of our customers.